If there is a reason, please for the next time: Try a videocard with another bus: I’m grateful for your help. If YES , Where from? INI modify or add this line in [boot] section:

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Posted 07 June – Some screenshots of “Vbemp in work” added. In other cases it is limited to xx8bit mode. Thanks for the help. I got to my knowledge that BearWindows is the third person besides you and me using the ‘Blue Ribbon’.

Universal Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/ video driver – Page 2 – bearwindows –

And here the result: Also, I’m not really fluent in those old oses. If you are experiencing problems while installing my bearwindowx read article below.

There may have been another instance of this but my memory is fuzzy at the moment and I only noted these things in passing as I was concentrating on the driver being tested.


Reading your post I’m in doubt or better I’m not in doubt and think that there it is nothing to include in the current nativeEx UniversalVideoDriver. This archive also contains 1.

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Visit VirtualBox ‘tm subversion repository to review the sources of most recent driver beafwindows virtual videoadapter bearwindowd http: Last edited by socratis on Thu Jun 14, There is no automatic installation. VBEMP control panel extension is made.

INI modify or add this line in [boot] section: Try a videocard with another bus: The settings for the HSync and VSync polarity need to be obtained from the monitors papers. Peter You may remove it.

Computer starts, but driver is not working properly. I think I found a friend here!

Posted February 9, EXEso I could send you personal driver for your video card by e-mail. Clear CMOS settings to default or safe.

Universal Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/2003 video driver

Google [Bot] and 16 guests. On target PC – edit boot.


After you produce logs from driver you can give me additional information about your system and video adapter. For example “how do I install device drivers in Windows 98SE” is not a Univdrsal question by any stretch of the imagination. The old version needed PNP detection done by other scripts.

EXE tool mentioned below, here is a sample listing:. Cannot set native resolutions i. CL54xx driver bugfix release.

Starting from version dated Please log in to reply. I’m just a quiet simple person with a very quiet simple life living one day at a time. ONLY if you finally cannot find driver for your video card I recommend you to use mine uniiversal.