I work as an engineer, and I find that making a same component from China, either mechanical or electronics, is so much cheaper than made locally and businesses love it. We will help you. Oct 16, Creating a driver is above my head. Good letters to practice on are t o a i l s – just use something plain like helvetica at approx 15mm. Join Date Jun Beans Did this solve your problem?

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ITs like buying a Murry mower that has a duty life of hours verses buying a john deer with a duty life of years. You can follow the pcuut or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

Creation Pcut Usb Driver | downloadthaydis

May 10, Number of endpoints 2 [ I have not seen this on serial only. If you are cutting a larger quantities of vinyls, cut 1 vinyl out, find where the gaps are. I have never mentioned this before and it is not in any of our advertising about SignBlazer.

I don’t have that cutter any more so i cant test anything out with it. In other words it cuts always past the start point to stop this happening.

May 10, 35 zenith13 New Member 11 0 0 Jan 31, Sometimes gaps appearing is not avoidable. They are designed to fit the low end niche.


So do not alter your offset values. Bear in mind that each time you remove your blade this setting cufter need to be rechecked.

Anyone that has a Pcut creations plotter RavenSignsJan 10,in forum: Maybe I need to recompile the kernel? I was able to get my hands on a software FlexiSign 7. The PCut guys have done a remarkable job to produce a reliable cutter that does a great job. These cutters are produced for a very low price and sold for very low prices.

Feb 26, I uninstalled the LXi VinylExpress software, and re-installed. Oct 16, 39 Samm Very Active Member 1, 0 0 Mar 12, Someone correct me here, but I understand that only the latest version of Flexi has the overcut feature? March 19th, 5.

Problem with my vinyl cutter

But paying hobby prices for professional machines is not smart. Sam did and it worked and he then went on to make them uusb other sign makers in China. Thanks for the reply, happy I’m not alone in the universe. Also, my letter curves are not very good at all.

Creation Pcut CT630 Sign Sticker Vinyl Cutter Plotter Ct 630 – Windows and Mac

Cheers, Rod Taken from: Some background info on PCuts Hi all, I was just reading some interesting PCut comments over on the uksignboards site. When I plug the plotter in to a USB port the device seems to be detected and registered correctly but I haven’t gotten any response from the plotter by either piping directly or setting up a RAW cups printer. Install the application in compatibility mode. So from absolutely from scratch he made the first PCut.


Oct 16, It will save you time when you are weeding a large number of vinyls. I have seen this cuttet USB connections. Search Media New Crfation. I installed the downloaded driver in compatibility mode back to Windows 7, just as Sachin instructed, but wanted to add that my cutter didn’t show up still, until Cuttet unplugged and re-plugged the USB from the cutter while it was on.

RavenSigns May 3,