Please check FAQ question 1. And nimrod i am very expeirenced with blueiris so let me know if ya need any help. You run it the first time and select remove all BT drivers and then run it again and choose install BT drivers. Restart your Internet Browser again, and start up web cam. If you plan to install our GV-DSP card Real-time display card , or to use the full screen video mode display videos from cameras only on these motherboards, then you can’t see the image on screen. The only difference for each setup besides the camera number and name is that you select a different composite input from the drop down box. There is also the free linux Zoneminder program but it only uses half the resolution of the camera, because it throws out every other line of the interlaced image.

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Geovision FAQ – Worldeyecam

Go to Windows Explorer, find and delete the followings: I think i tracked down the model DV-AC from ameta, and hopefully it is ok to put this link below to my card. For example, March has 31 days and April has 30 days, so you can see all the files of April. Please make sure that your audio driver is geovjsion version 2,1,0,0 or later for version 5.


You can get around to this by installing an DirectX version 9. The only other thing I did after I had a picture was change the resolution in same tab to x from x You can get around to this by installing an Direct X version 9.

When GV-Series system is running, the system will automatically detect video source functionality and availability. How to delete and clean up all GeoVision files from previous installation? Un-install those capture devices and software away. And nimrod i am very expeirenced with blueiris so let me know if ya need any help. Use this tool to work out how much hard drive storage space you will need for your Geovision Digital Surveillance.

Every time you run the GV application it’ll send a code to detect the network status if one of the network server is enable. Restart your Internet Browser again, and start up web cam.

Cool glad the ipcam went smooth. I installed second camera just as I explained above. If your GeoVision card is not one of the ones listed above, please call our sales line on 18 18 to exchange your GeoVision card for the latest hardware version.

You should have 4 devices for Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up.

Geovision Version 8.01 Download (Full Version) & V8.02 (Upgrade)

I gepvision a “pink screen”, or my monitor video gets scrambled in some camera layout modes. There are three scenarios for troubleshooting: I have not tried Blue Iris yet, but the install from the demo Active Webcam has a BTinstaller utility that may work for you.


Posted March 1, edited. I am actually using blue iris as my software for over 2 years now.

FAQ updated on September

I select the first one and move my camera connection until I see a picture. Install GeoVision and turn on the computer.

For example, if you want to use webcam, you have to open up ports 21, 80, If the first port is not connected, you might not be able to view video from other ports at all. This network has gateway and firewall to the Internet. GeoVision supports the following PTZ cameras: What do I do when a system cannot dial through the phone? Installation related and general questions 1. For wavelet compression, Please download the attached patch file ir This question is specifically bt88 by customers in USA.

Then, install a router and direct all necessary ports on FAQ 5.