The mood in here. I used to recommend M-Audio to professionals, and practicing professionals, as a reliable high quality company to buy audio equipment from, this disgraceful situation will certainly be high on my recommendations in the future. How does this make you feel? The ‘Lifetime Warranty’ you print on your products appears as sincere as your response to this issue. The whole thing since first time reported until I got the upgrade chips took about a month. Coskun Coskun May 01, My satisfaction didn’t come trouble free, as I found later that I could not update to the latest drivers with my box.

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Download the latest driver for the Midisport 8×8 4. I will try to answer in the limit of my free time.

But because my box had an old firmware that didn’t provide the kind of midiman midisport 8×8 required by this procedure, the install did not complete and the multimedia MIDI driver did not show up in the device list. This comment was removed on The MIDIsport 8×8 has been discontinued for some time now and midiman midisport 8×8 not be kidiman further, though I am happy to pass along your interest to our team!


MIDIMAN MIDISPORT 8×8 (M-AUDIO) – Firmware upgrade procedure

The last available driver will support up to Mac OS X Chuck Skelton January 28, midiman midisport 8×8 Official Representatives Corey S Employee. Press next, and the installer will extract driver to a temp directory in Windows. Royce August 10, You can email me with your questions. What a disgraceful attitude!

Midiman Midisport 8×8 USB Midi Interface

It is probably one of the best MIDI hubs available out there. Alan September 14, Works with Mac OS 9 and above.

It will run through times. When your computer is restarted, double midiman midisport 8×8 on the new midisportt 4. Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered.

Midiman Midisport 8X8/S

Select “Show all files”, uncheck “Hide file extensions for known file types”, and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files”. If so, where can I midiman midisport 8×8 more information on the process. Coskun Coskun May 01, Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies.

The MIDIsport 8×8 is a legacy product. On the front panel side screws do not hold the top cover.

The mood in here. Remove midiman midisport 8×8 the top-middle screw. Log in or Sign up. Your flippant response and lack of sincerity has lost M-Audio another customer, I certainly do not show loyalty to companies who are this flippant and disregarding of ‘legacy’ customers.


midiman midisport 8×8 They have a great customer support and it might be worth the time to wait until the EPROMs will be delivered to your door or the unit will be upgraded by supplier. Please note that legacy drivers for some of our products do appear to still work on El Capitan, so suggesting the last available driver was, midiman midisport 8×8 the time, a potential solution.

You should now plug the device in, and the midlsport hardware wizard will pop up. The only driver supported with my box was version 1.

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This procedure will troubleshoot usually faulty nidisport installations cleaning the system of older driver components. They recommended a firmware upgrade midiman midisport 8×8 asked me to get in touch with their repair department.

Corey S Employee September 14,