Flexibility and quality, all in one Series! I forgot my password! Motic Camera adapter for SLR without photo eyepiece. Log in to add this product to your watchlist. Shopping cart is empty. Motic , 1X C-mount camera adapter without optics. Elite upright biological microscope for teaching environments.

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Be the first and write about your experience now. User Beginner Advanced Experienced amateurs. Omegon Classical roof prism binoculars Low-price pocket binoculars Zoom binoculars Astro binoculars Hunting binocular Marine binocular Compact binocular Lorgnette.

Motic Microscopes

Flexibility and quality, all in one Series! You can check out as a guest!

Consistent diopter adjustment This enables perfect usage of reticles for measuring, counting, etc. Achromatic or Achromatic Super Contrast objectives Coaxial….

Employing the Greenough stereoscopic optical system, the Motic SMZ series stereomicroscopes provide you large-scale zoom ratio and the clearest image, high distortion-free and depth of field as well. Microscope BA The BA from Motic is designed specifically for the rigors of daily routine work in the demanding applications of Universities, Clinics, Laboratories, and any other life science or medical application requiring quality optical performance.


Microscope With Digital Camera. Complete Phase Kit consists of centerable five position condenser with brightfield, 10X, 20X, 40X and X Plan Phase objectives microcsope corresponding phase….

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Motic Camera adaptor 0. Motic Aluminium box f. Motic 4X photo eyepiece for SLR without camera adapter.

Lockable eyepieces prevent inadmissible removal and confirms Motic’s dedication to student proof quality. Motic Camera adaptor 0. Customers who bought this product also bought Popular Categories 10×42 Roof prism glasses 8×42 Roof prism glasses 8×32 Roof prism glasses 7×50 Porro prism glasses 8×56 Porro prism glasses Monocular with Zoom function with Image stabilizer Binocular accessories.

Sign Up For Email Offers. RED Series The RED Series is designed for advanced biology students, teachers, professors, doctors and lab technicians The large and heavy body ensures stability and prevents any distortion of unwanted movements while observing the sample and the large coaxial focusing controls are easily accessible and of high precision.

There are no customer reviews for this product yet. Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope. Motic 4X photo eyepiece for SLR without camera adapter.


Omegon Classic roof prism binoculars Low-price microscipe binoculars Zoom binoculars Astro binoculars Hunting binocular Marine binocular Compact binocular Lorgnette. Material Aluminium Carbon Wood Steel. Together with a new calculated tube lens, the result is a fully corrected, perfected intermediate image without colored fringes.

Supr Wf Eyepiece 10X Motic. Motic1X C-mount camera adapter without optics.

Rounding out the update of our popular BA series, the BA is the flagship platform for expansion. New materials for ESD compatibility as well as optimized LED illumination options have been added to this series to create a versatile Stereo microscope platform for a…. Designed for routine-lab or clinical work, as well as the research requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories and universities, moric AE is….

Stereo Microscope With Digital Camera.

Motic phase shifter 3-fold; for Ph1 Ph2 and for bright field. Log In or Create an Account. Business to Business Affiliate program Retailers.