To satisfy your inner geek, the HDTach before and after analyses of the hard drives in the R are shown above, how does a x improvement in random seek time suit you! Toshiba’s smallest laptop, the Portege R, recently got a boost in the form of a faster Pentium M processor and a larger hard drive. I tried all three but what ended up working for me was the official Portege R Recovery Boot Disk v1. Using the startup manager seemed to break everything, and as i started fixing the grub. Were going to be following the directions on this page , the section titled The CD approach , but I’ll give the gist of what were doing here.

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Toshiba Portégé R

I can no longer get them at the link? Remaining software includes a couple of Toshiba utilities and Portege r100 Acrobat Reader.

I have 8 Rs with no operating system on them, and I want to install Ubuntu. It gets Intel s series The Bottom Line The Toshiba Portege R is a very light, well-designed laptop, but like portege r100 ultraportables, it suffers from abbreviated battery portege r100 when running off its primary cell.

1r00 just put Xubuntu Its size is large for an ultra thin design. I think that portegr Toshiba M2, R, M are among the best-engineered notebooks you find these portege r100.


I’ve upped the memory to 1. Portege r100 little machine made me love Ubuntu. I’m a little confused. Its running like a tit!

Toshiba Portege R100 Review (pics)

Any other performance details from people? It went through the SP2 and SP3 upgrades and all was fine, until recently some portege r100 the latest Microsoft upgrades brought the Toshiba to its knees: Turns out Ubuntu It’s a great little machine.


But I found interesting turn-around. Backside of the Toshiba Portege R view larger image. The AC adapter adds 0.

Actually I managed over seven hours twice. I have yet to use a perfect laptop, and even this R that I fancy quite a bit, has some weaknesses. Installing the new wireless card involves removing the battery, hard drive cover, and the 14 screws on the back side of the laptop. Apple’s Touch Bar — a portege r100 screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook But does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade the graphics card so I can run the new Unity launcher?

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Toshiba Portege R Screen view larger image. Weight is listed as 2. Like previous Rs, it lacks a built-in optical drive, and it doesn’t come with an external drive. The Good Very thin and light; long battery life with high-capacity battery; integrated Anonymous May 4, at 8: The R delivered a phenomenal 6: Portege r100 R comes with a portege r100 battery and a six-cell extended battery.

Portege R Support | Toshiba

Find out more about how we test notebooks. Glad you got fnfx to work. While Toshiba did a good job generally of allocating the Portege R’s limited space, the company couldn’t work miracles. portege r100

If it all checks out reverse the instructions above to reinstall the bezel. The hardware error installing f100 was solved by using “winsetupfromusb” a freeware program that let me use portege r100 CF card in a pcmcia adapter to install xp.