However, low ranges are only characterized by a kind of click noise. It is not completely touch-sensitive up to its edges and features clattering keys that want to be pressed in the center. Creativity sort by value. The author’s palms medium-sized male hands did not fit on the too small wrist rest while typing. The noise level is in the upper midfield of multimedia laptops when full load is induced by a game. We would have wished for a larger touchpad with better keys. Both the Toshiba and the Asus weigh 2.

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The fan cannot be accessed this way. The power supply only just provides the needed power output. When the review sample is compared with other multimedia laptops featuring the toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 screen size, the consumption rates are located in the better third in both a deactivated state and in standby.


The blue Satelite key has to be pressed additionally to use the assignments as known from other keyboards. Except for the glossy black surfaces, the Toshiba is quite resistant against fingerprints, which are only toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 in certain lighting conditions.

This was not observed when using an external mouse. The speakers are beneath the silver grille.


Satellite CA-1HN – Toshiba

The reason for this is toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 the speakers cannot render lower frequencies besides the unreasonably emphasized mids and trebles. The hopeless inferiority of conventional hard drives in contrast to SSD aatellite obvious in the Toshiba’s 4k rates, such as when small and random data blocks have to be read quickly. However, low ranges are only characterized by a kind of click noise.

Instead, they were propped on the casing’s rather jagged edge, which was unpleasant in the satelilte run. Toshiba could have omitted their labeling in view of their unfavorable positioning.

They produce a sound that does not allow a differentiated analysis. It can also be used on the lap because the heat toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 discharged from the casing’s side.

There is simply no audible sound below approximately Hz! The configuration follows the minimum of its category and includes only the bare necessities. Our in-depth review will reveal how Toshiba’s CA-1D5 fares in games, multimedia toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 in office work based on numerous benchmarks.

Review Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1D5 Notebook

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The port distribution is not designed for right-handed users toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 prefer using an external mouse. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. Bright light from the back should be avoided because working is otherwise agonizing. Bluetooth is not available.


There is nothing in the box besides a quick start guide and the compulsory power supply. Instruments satellite toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 difficult to identify and both dynamics and the impression of surround sound is absent. The number pad also features standard-sized keys. Thanks to the sufficiently strong cooling, the surface temperatures remained inconspicuous even during load and were never noticed adversely.

Toshiba Satellite CA-1D5 vs.

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Score sort by value. Disk data transfer rate. The manufacturer probably thought that the laptop’s target group will prefer using headphones from the outset but every user occasionally relies on toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 installed speakers. Both the Toshiba and the Asus weigh 2.

The CPU power in the Toshiba, which is not limited in battery mode, is virtually identical with that of other laptops based on the same platform. The model fares tpshiba in the category comparison. The usual gestures using up to toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 fingers are detected reliably.

The scores of the 3DMark